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What is ransomware

Ransomware is a type of virus that encrypts your important files. This will prevent users from accessing the files. Some ransomware will lock your computer and prevent you from accessing them unless a sum of money (ransom) is paid to them, normally using a digital currency such as bitcoin. There are many types of ransomware and they have always been evolving each and everytime an decryptor(cure) is found. Just like in the real world, the virus keeps changing and security companies is always chasing at new variants to develop cure for them.

How can we prevent ransomware

The only way to prevent spreading of the ransomware or other viruses is to take off your important system from the internet, especially from emails.


You should also do regular backups and keep these backup out of your regular systems. I have dealt with companies that link the backup together with their systems. Any infection of the main systems will infect the backup as well.

The same goes for personal users who attached the external hard disk backups permanently to their computers.

What are the signs that your computers is being infected.

One of the early telltale signs is that your files suddenly cannot open. Especially those files that you use regularly, eg MsWords , MsExcel or pdf.

Also, your internet may become disconnected or suddenly your homepage becomes another unknown page.


You may realised that your antivirus software is not running and you probably not able to access any antivirus website to update the program

Another sign is that your computer becomes lethargic and slow to response. Your disk becomes busy and the disk led is running continuously, even though you are not running intensive programs.


Of course, when the ransomware has encrypted enough of your important, you will be presented with the Ransom Note each time you click on the files. This will be the final confirmation that your computer is indeed infected.

What to do if you think your computer is infected with ransomware.

The first thing is to shut down your computer. It takes time for the virus to propagate and encrypt your systems, anything from 1-5 hours. So the sooner you shut down your computer, the least damage your data will sustain.


Do a backup immediately of your important data, on a separate hard disk. I had one customer who is lucky to have notice the lethargy in his system that he did a quick backup. All his important data were eventually encrypted, but luckily for him, the backup was not encrypted and I was able to recover back all his data.


If you are technical enough, run your computer in a safe mode, run anti virus software and kill the virus before continuing using your computer. In the event that your computer is incapacitated by the virus and cannot boot up, take out the hard disk and scan using another computer with the latest edition of a good antivirus program.

How to recover those files encrypted by the virus

There are some people who paid the ransom as demanded and get back the data. However, most people who paid do not get back the data as the main purpose of these perpetrators are just interested in your money and not recovering your data.

Also most people do not wish to reward the crooks, who is causing you suffering and anxiety and loss.


We , Accplus Technologies, here in Singapore, can recover the data for you. We will search for a decryptor for your encrypted files. Failing which, we can do is to recover those files that were not encrypted, shadows copies of the documents made by your computer, cache copies of your data, lost and previously deleted copies of your data.


You will have a chance to have a look at the data and only when you feel the data is useful to you that you pay us for the recovery. Otherwise, there is no charge nor any obligation. Just appreciate our the efforts.


So far for all the cases that were brought in to us, all customers have accepted the data and paid us for the services. Success recovery rates range from 100% to 20%. You can read about their reviews in our google maps or facebook.

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